Menopausal Moments Limited Edition Set



Menopausal Moments is back. It has returned as a revamped set of colors, only available as a limited edition set.

This set contains seven, one-of-a-kind, hand dyed SNC floss. Each skein is comprised of 5 yards. 

The colors are:

1)Middle Aged and Enraged

2) Good Bye Pink Tax

3) Crimson River Ran Dry

4) An Ovarian Au Revoir

5) Little Miss Foggy Brained

6) Leaving Camp Cramp

7) Men-On-A-Pause



These colors were created in request for a revisit to a well loved set. All new colors, mostly new names :). 

 Please note that the color of the fiber you are ordering is representative of what you see on your screen but dye lots, resolutions, and monitors do vary.


**this product is exempt from discounts**