We dye for you to create "Reminders of Gentler Times in Hand-dyed Threads & Ribbons".

Color is our specialty. We offer hand dyed knitting yarns, hand dyed wool fabric & threads for applique, needleart & embellishment.

I (Cece) started dying threads in 1991. I only had 200 dollars accessible to me for "extra" spending at the time, and in my first year of selling threads I only made 1 sale!
Somehow though, I felt determined. I kept dyeing, kept creating,and  kept trying despite very little return on my efforts in the beginning.  Over the course of the next couple of years the business flourished and I was able to expand. 25 years later and I am still in business.


Our color lines and fiber varieties have expanded from the original few, growing the business into a haven for stitchers and fiber enthusiasts.  I am so happy and full of gratitude for the ability to share some of my passion for color with you.  

Thankyou for all of your support.