This page is dedicated to showcasing needle artist's work using our fibers.


If you would like to submit a picture to this page, please take a hi resolution image and email us @ with your jpeg file.


We recommend taking a picture of your work using natural light. 


We look forward to seeing and sharing your submissions!



dystopian creature stitched with fibers from TheThreadGatherer 

"I have been working on a series of critters I am creating from trash I find on the roadside and your threads.
The critters are supposed to be poorly thought out genetically altered creatures from a future dystopian landscape. 
I am also creating the landscape they will go on. 
This little guy is created using your Mohair - the "Pop of Pink"  sampler. He is stitched onto wool felt with the mohair and some silk thread. (SNC Ltd Edition Koko)
I know it isn't a great photo, but I thought you might like to see it.
Thank you for creating such beautiful threads. I use them in all my projects. (Even the future dystopian landscape." - Tree Heckler
Flower art using threads from The ThreadGatherer
"Your silken pearl [SP5 403] saved my life- I literally couldn't find any other thread to create the look I wanted to build the needle lace butterfly net. I used many of your other threads in the sunflower piece, also." - Tree Heckler