Ariane Zurcher Design Kit: Rock Gardens


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Ariane writes "When I was a young girl, my family would often go to Colorado to visit my grandmother. She lived in a beautiful little town in the Rocky Mountains. Her garden was spectacular. There were great boulders covered in lichen of all sizes. She planted clusters of Colorado Columbine, Johnny Jump-Ups, Pansies, Lily of the Valley and countless other types of flowers, in and around those enormous rocks. With my grandmother’s garden in mind, I began designing this drawstring bag. While researching drawstring bags I came upon a YouTube Video on how to make a Japanese Rice Bag. The basic design of a Japanese Rice Bag is five squares, which you then sew together. Add a drawstring and voila!

Each wool shape represents its own little rock garden individually, a tiny oasis amidst the green linen background, but also is part of a larger piece - the square panel and the whole bag. It flows from the wilder looking parts, to the obviously more manicured, and through it all the lighter green linen, curved shape, representing uneven ground meanders throughout."

Threads included in this kit (1 each of the listed skeins) :

Silken Pearl:

The Lavenders


Mermaid Dances

Lilac Arbor

Sophie's Strawberry

In the Burgandy


Pond Scum


Irish Blues 


Oriental Linen: 

Wart Frog

Meadow Grass


Shepherd's Silk:


Mermaid Dances

Mermaid Shimmer


Old Lace

Mojito Madness

Olive Branch


4mm Silk Ribbon: 

Dark Forest


Sea Grass: 

Stuart Gold


Sheep's Silk: 


Silk N Colors:

Golden Pines






This kit is being sold at a discount and no discount codes will be applied to this item on top of the reduced price.