Gage's Love of the Game Limited Edition Set



Gage's Love of the Game Limited Edition Set

This set contains four one of a kind, hand dyed SNC floss. The colors are:

1) Redsock Team Love (variegated blue & red), in honor of his favorite baseball team the Redsocks

2) Tessie's Song ( variegated with oranges and greens), the Redsocks anthem song

3) Boston Brownstone (variegated with muted purple tones), honoring the city of Boston

4) Vintage Boston (variegated with blues, pinks, purples), a historical interpretation of the Boston Redsocks colors. 


These colors were created in remembrance of  Gage's love of the Boston Redsocks. He was an avid sports fan and stats aficionado. 



By purchasing this pack, you are helping support a mental health cause. 100% of proceeds will be donated. If you purchase both packs available, we will be sending a free gift to you for your generosity.

 The two organizations we are going to start donating to are:

  1. The Live Wilder Foundation: an organization focused on a goal of zero youth suicide. You can see more at: .
  2. The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: The Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones. You can see more at:  .

Both of these organizations rely upon donations to function. Without contributions, access to care, support, and legislative change would not be possible. YOU HAVE MADE THE DIFFERENCE BY SUPPORTING THIS FUNDRAISER. 



Please note that the color of the fiber you are order is representative of what you see on your screen but dye lots, resolutions, and monitors do vary.


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