Oriental Linen is 52% Silk and 48% linen, the nubby part being the silk. It is a 2 ply thread, each ply made up of one thread of linen and one thread of silk. Each fiber takes the dye differently, resulting in color variation that runs the length of the thread as well as color variation in sections if a multi-colored skein. Suggested uses include: wool applique and wool embellishment, needlepoint and cross stitch. Always purchase enough of one dye lot to complete your project.


Flax 'n Colors is a 100% linen thread. The subtle sheen of linen is a lovely contrast to either silk or wool threads. Suggested usage is just as it comes off the skein (do not ply down) and use it for embroidery, wool applique, cross stitch on 18 count linen, or basketweaver on 18 count canvas. It lays nicely for specialty stitches on 18 ct. canvas. Purchase enough of one dye lot to complete your project.

Oriental Linen

Color Chart


Flax 'n Colors

Color Chart

000 Off-White


FNC20-000 Natural Grey

001 Espresso Cream


FNC20-00B Bleached White

002 Mint Julip


FNC20-007 Granite

003 Apricot Cream


FNC20-008 Wisteria

004 Aged Barnwood


FNC20-009 Tropical Breeze

005 Terra Cotta


FNC20Antique Pewter

006 Irish Hills


FNC20 Golden Maize

007 Straw Basket


FNC20-030 Pale Hollandaise

008 Seal Skin


FNC20-035 Soft Orchid

009 English Rose


FNC20-038 Pale Wedgewood

010 Wintered Lavender


FNC20-039 Strawflower

011 High Desert Grass


FNC20-040 Prairie Grass

012 Dry Mustard


FNC20-043 Weathered Basket

013 Silverstone


FNC20-045 Espresso Crème

014 Red Brick Road


FNC20-047 Cappuccino

015 Prairie Winter


FNC20-063 Pumpkin Mousse

016 Seafoam


FNC20-064 Bronzed Pumpkin

017 Meadowgrass


FNC20-066 Pale Olive

018 Lemon Lime Fizz


FNC20-070 Forest of Greens

019 Ice Blue


FNC20-073 Wolverine

020 Ash


FNC20-078 Peach Dreams

021 Desert Moss


FNC20-079 Concord

022 Blue Seas

FNC20-080 Plum Passion

023 Pearled Blues

FNC20-081 Prairie Winter

026 Acorn Woods


FNC20-084 turkey red

027 Green Leaves Lt.


FNC20-085 limon lime

028 Soft Apricot


FNC20-086 berry jam

029 Pagoda Red


FNC20-087 pond lily

030Sashimi Coral


FNC16-100 Clay Pebble

031 Zion’s Canyon


FNC16-101 Violet Shadow

032 Cactus Blossom


FNC16-102 Tiffany Blue

033 Wart frog


FNC16-105 Plum Satin

034 Newt Green


FNC16-106 Silver Pearl

035 Wisp of Willow


FNC16-107 Seal Skin

036 Coastal Sand


FNC16-108 Golden Wheat

037 Tuscan Olive


FNC16-109 Jeweled Jade

038 Rye Grass


FNC16-111 Nouveau Rose

039 Winter Moss


FNC16-112 Very Black

040 Colonial Tint


FNC16-115 Spiced Coral

041 Wine & Roses


FNC16-119 Dried Lavender

042 Camelot’s Lady


FNC16-120 Aqua Sea

044 Shell Stone


FNC16- 122 Beige

045 Tree Bark

FNC16-123 Dried Orange

047 Ceder Bark


FNC16 -126 Raspberry

048 Peach Wood


050 Plum Preserves


051 Spring Orchid


053 Frosted Plum


054 Orange Grove


055 Marigold


056 Lilac Arbor


057 Greystone


058 Golden Pines


059 Salt Marsh


060 Whitches Familiar


061 Old Lace


062 Vitage Browns


063 Peacock


065 Blue Crow


066 Holiday Greenery


067 Pond Scum


068 Alpine Grasses


069 Frost on the Pumpkin


070 Chocolate Caramel


071 In The Burgandy


073 Down and Dirty


074 Kringle's Coat


075 Aged Antiquity


076 Gobi Sands


077 The Bad Lands


078 Quartersawn Oak


079 Forest of Greens


080 Grape Soda


081 Tattered Parchment


082 Strawflower


083 Flamingo Pink


085 Strawflower


084 Sprite Green


086 Weathered Basket