Good Goods

We offer two thread related clubs at this time.

Our SP5 Club is a monthly club of 3 totally new, limited edition colors in Silken Pearl #5. This club is available to shops and to individuals.

Our Dyed On A Whim Club is also available to both shops and individuals. Selections include threads and ribbons from our regular lines. The club is available either 'with' or 'without' fabric (hand dyed wool, hand dyed other fabric, or quilting fabric like a batik). Shops pay the regular wholesale prices. The Retail price for retail customers is at a discounted price (normally a $50 retail price for $35). Shipping is extra.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining either of these clubs.

We also offer Bees Waxers in many exclusive styles. A select group is pictured below. If you wish to see all those we offer please visit our etsy shop to view all of them: