The Thread Gatherer has been dyeing, threads that is, for over 25 years. Started by Cecelia, the company is now a family business with daughters, Maritta and Mariah. My husband, Norm helps behind the scenes and occasionally has to escape all the women to ride horses.

Color is our business and we love creating beautiful combinations of color for your needle art projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why are threads/ribbons marked 'wash/color fastness not guaranteed'.

Although we follow industry standards to properly set colors, we do not guarantee wash fastness for our threads. If you happen to wash something in too hot a water you can reactivate dye. We also dye in large hanks and although we rinse carefully, there still can be some loose dye that has not completely bonded to the fiber. If you want to wash your project, before beginning stitching we suggest you wet out skeins in cool to luke warm water and squeeze out excess water. Place on several thicknesses of paper towels and walk away for a bit. If color is on the paper towels when you return, repeat the process until the water on paper towels is clear. Hang your threads to dry fully before stitching.

Where Can I Purchase Your Threads?

If you are lucky enough to have a local needle work store in your area who carries our products please purchase our products from this shop. We want to keep local shops in business. lIf you have no local shop or your local shop does not carry our products please contact us for ordering assistance.

We also have an etsy shop where you can purchase our threads directly:

What about Dye Lots?

Dye lots in our hand dyed threads will vary so always purchase enough at one time to complete your project. We do not put dye lot numbers on our skeins.

How do I Contact You?

You can use our 'contact form' when clicking on our 'Contact Us' button to email us. If you need to speak to us directly please phone us at (208) 387-2641 (we are on Mountain Standard Time).